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February 27, 2024

The efficiency of heat pumps in old buildings:

Converting old buildings to sustainable heating systems such as heat pumps is becoming increasingly important. For example extensive field research was carried out to investigate the efficiency of heat pumps in old buildings. The results offer exciting insights into the performance of this technology in different environments.

Comparison of air and ground source heat pumps

Fraunhofer ISE’s research covered both outdoor air and ground source heat pumps. A key finding was that ground systems generally work more efficiently. On average, they achieve an efficiency of 4.1, while outdoor air heat pumps have an average value of 3.1. The main difference is that air-to-water heat pumps often have to operate at colder temperatures that do not occur in the ground.

Flow temperatures and efficiency

One interesting aspect that emerges from the research is that the efficiency of heat pumps increases as the flow temperatures fall. Underfloor heating systems that require lower flow temperatures tend to have higher efficiency values than systems with higher flow temperatures. However, this does not mean that heat pumps cannot be operated efficiently with radiators.

Planning and installation are crucial

The research results show that the heating circuit temperatures are not always decisive for the efficiency of the systems. High efficiency values can be achieved even with higher flow temperatures. Decisive is careful planning, installation and adjustment of the heat pump. An experienced installer who knows the challenges of old buildings plays a decisive role here.

Optimization potential and future outlook

The Fraunhofer ISE already rates the current average efficiency values for heat pumps in old buildings as positive. Nevertheless, they see room for improvement through advanced models and further innovations. Research suggests that the efficiency of heat pumps in old buildings is already impressive today, but can be increased even further through continuous development.

Overall, the results of the Fraunhofer ISE provide valuable insights for homeowners and planners looking for a sustainable heating solution for their old buildings. With the right know-how and innovative approaches, converting to heat pumps can also be an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative for historic buildings.

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